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BEAUTIFULL Statement on Commitment to the Black Community



Today Beautifull is announcing its commitment to support the Black community. Here at Beautifull, we have the privilege of working with and serving a beautiful Black community. 

The recent injustices witnessed throughout the country have exposed the deep issues of oppression and racial prejudice the Black community is still facing everyday. In response to these tragedies, we believe it is necessary for our store to take steps to publicly voice our support for the community. Because we do know BLACK LIVES MATTER.

During this unprecedented time we have already taken some small steps to support our Black community, whether it is by donating sanitizing supplies to local Black organizations or starting a plan to offer scholarship opportunities for Black students in our area. 

We would like to take this opportunity to state our commitment to support the community as we continue making our strides for a stronger and better bonded community. 


- The BeautiFull Team @ Chamberlayne

(Please understand we are NOT affiliated in any way with other beauty supply stores with the same name.)





Our hearts are filled with gratefulness for your kindness in giving the gift of the hand sanitizers for our church. You are a blessing to us.

                                                                                                                                            - First African Baptist Church

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